About Us

We are MEACO Konnect, defined as MAD (Making A Difference) Through Economically Advanced Communities and Organizations to include technology, healthcare and training that is nimble, ease-of-use, adaptable and customizable.

Our vision is to implement socially responsible and environmentally sustainable economic development in the United States, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa. With inaugural focus on leveling playing field in communities in the United States.

Our mission is to bring about socially responsible, environmentally inclusive and sustainable economic development by assembling a team of professionals to facilitate partnerships between industry, government and academia.

Our Why
Leadership Providing Awareness

From President Joe Biden to Dr. OZ, Madeline Long has had an inspiring career as a Servant Leader and advocating for those less fortunate. In support of these and other important efforts, Madeline decided to promote and grow companies in public health, healthcare, technology and the training industry focusing on firms with products and services that have the ability to end the scourge of the Corona Virus and improve health outcomes for other illnesses.


The Future of Digital Health

identyME by testFRWD Americas is a fully digital, scalable, and simple test anywhere certification and result verification system for rapid Antigen and Antibody, and PCR testing platforms that allows seamless and easy integration into any Application, entry control system, or health passport.