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identyMe Web App

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Through our relationship with testFRWD America, we offer our clients the identyMe digital health testing solution:

Digitized QR Card

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COVID 19 testing remains vital to reducing the transmission of the coronavirus.  Through our relationship with testFRWD America, we offer a digital solution that makes certified home testing easy and safe for everyone:

COVID 19 Rapid Antigen Test

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Rapid antigen tests are a welcome tool in society's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer a variety of test kits to fit your business's specific needs.

Entry Control System Scan App

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The indentyME Entry Control App enables validating the health status of people entering buildings, venues, and events when entrance control is necessary.

FreshAir Wearable

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The MEACO Konnect FreshAir wearable creates an almost particle-free zone around the wearer by emulating nature’s cleaning properties:

air cleaner

Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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The MEACO Konnect Indoor Air Quality System is a compact, user-friendly, innovative indoor air quality monitor:

Community Security Solution (CSS) Mobile application

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The MEACO Konnect Community Safety solution is a strategic,unified, personalized mobile app with an accompanying web-based content management solution: