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Digitize Your Rapid Antigen Test With a QR Code

A unique serial QR that provides an immediate solution to the administrative hurdles faced by people traveling, returning to work, attending meetings or events.

Providing a digital approach to help people get back to normalcy using an efficient testing solution. The Digitized QR Card is a consumer-driven approach to self-testing, giving people 100% control over their COVID health status, personal data and community interactions at events, while traveling, and at work.

Three Easy Steps to Digitize
Your Rapid Antigen Tests

Step 1

Obtain unique QR code

Step 2

Place QR sticker on test cassette

Step 3

Scan QR and follow directions

Where Should You Test?

Because many companies have adopted a hybrid work model as they return to the office and for the foreseeable future, executives and HR professionals need a COVID 19 testing solution that is flexible and certifiable. Our Digitized QR card combined with our identyME app provides the only validated, low-cost self-testing process that supports this evolving hybrid work model.

Schools throughout the United States have reopened, and regular school-based testing is now necessary to protect students from the risk of exposure and the spread of COVID-19.

Integrate the entry control app with with our affordable “test anywhere” solution, identyME, to reduce risk of infection and the spread of COVID-19 while visiting friends and families or enjoying tourist attractions around the world.

As COVID restrictions ease and mask mandates are eliminated, the majority of churches are taking even more health precautions to keep their communities safe. Integrating Know Before You Go and our affordable “test anywhere” solution, identyME we empower ourselves and neighbors to not only know their status but to also share their status if they test positive.

New health and safety concepts must be implemented to allow events and mass gatherings to safely  take place.

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