Leading the Way!

MEACO Konnect harnesses technology to provide innovative solutions to clients that facilitate Safe Gatherings® during the era of COVID 19 and beyond. We help secure people’s personal and collective safety in their workplace and community.


To utilize our leadership and training resources and our innovative technology to unlock new possibilities to transform lives, communities, and businesses, enabling their full potential.

For companies and individuals seeking further development of their skillsets, we create and deliver new and existing certificate-eligible training courses and programs.


Be the driving force for people to transform their lives to change the world.

Get to know us

Our People

MEACO Konnect brings together the talents of our employees — and they are at the heart of everything we do. We live our core values every day. We do this as we focus on our goal of improving health, safety, and security for all.

Our Leaders

Our leaders translate our mission into action. They live our values and serve our greater purpose each day, empowering the organization to help create better health, safety, and security for everyone.

Inclusion and Diversity

As a company that serves everyone, respecting and valuing inclusion and diversity is a critical part of who we are. Our culture celebrates and respects the differences that make each of us unique. We dedicate ourselves to being champions of better health, safety, and security for all, including those who are underserved or overlooked in our communities.

Core Values

Is our way of life. We are a team, and we must treat one another with respect and trust. We must and will continue to sustain a healthy business relationship with our partners and affiliates.

Is never compromised. Our conduct company-wide must be approached in a socially responsible manner and commands respect for its integrity and its positive contribution to society.

Is in everything we do: in our participation as socially responsible leaders, in compliance with global standards, and in exceeding baseline expectations while significantly improving people's lives and surroundings.

We approach our work in an objective, scientific way. We do not alter our research or analysis to suit non-transparent objectives.

We work honestly and transparently. We create a balanced, motivating, and rewarding environment for our MEACO Konnect team members and affiliates, enabling them to succeed.

We exist to create value. Our MEACO Konnect products, services, and consultancy interventions lead to a real benefit for our communities, partners, and clients. We honor our commitments.

At MEACO Konnect, we base our work on knowledge acquired through our own experience and through that of our other architects, developers, Partners, managers, and practitioners. We continually invest in developing our in-house knowledge base, partners, and ability to perform.



Readily available solutions that can be implemented with ease to help individuals, communities, and organizations remain safe from pathogens while staying connected with family, friends and coworkers.


Trusted, secure digitized home health testing platform enhanced with Digital ID Verification and AI Result Certification.


User-friendly, innovative indoor air quality monitoring equipment that quickly and accurately analyzes and reports the air quality in any indoor space.


Environmental air purification solutions that neutralize pathogens such as COVID-19, 24 hours a day / seven days a week.