Our Team

Preamble Via our Chairwoman Ms. Madeline Long

MEACO, Make A Difference through Economically Advanced Communities and Organizations, is a concept whose essence no longer languishes on the drawing board and laboratories.

It has entered the realm of strategic creativity and embraced reality. In other words, as an idea, its time has already begun.

As a solution, its demands are here, now and urgent.

And as the guarantor of the future, it embraces all socio-cultural boundaries.
It redefines the notion of 1st, 2nd and 3rd worlds and since technology is the ultimate enhancer, we are all developing nations subject only to the depth and size of our purse.

Our leadership team is poised to move from awareness of challenges in making a difference.

"MAD Konnect Foundation prides itself in getting involved in efforts that make a difference in people’s lives."

Madeline Long
National Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health Fellow
(CDC program), Founding Partner of MAD Konnect Foundation (MKFINC), and Co-Founder of Re-Start America

The Team

Darryl Munden

MEACO Konnect

Harvey Newkirk


Arold Jacques

MEACO Konnect