Local Entertainment Center in Bowie, MD PartyHQ Makes Indoor Gathering Safer with SmartGatherings™ Solution

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Families and small groups will now celebrate more safely at PartyHQ with a state-of-the-art Eagle X Pro Bipolar Ionization Technology that improves indoor air quality, neutralizes harmful pathogens and is 99.998% effective in killing coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Party HQ leads the entertainment model of the future as an indoor activity center featuring bowling, laser tag and virtual reality, while honoring their commitment to employee and customer health as a part of the SmartGatherings™ initiative.

SmartGatherings™ is a MEACO Health Safety Plan (MHSP) initiative by MEACO Konnect, global health solutions provider, designed to create safer spaces through innovative technology.

“This additional measure is intended to provide a safe experience for all of our guests and a safe work environment for all of our team members.  PartyHQ is now able to guarantee a clean, safe environment for all of our guests during the time they visit with us.” 

Ron Covington – Owner, Party HQ

Nearly two years after the pandemic began, mask mandates still remain in effect. Everyone over the age of two is required to wear a mask in public indoor settings regardless of vaccination status. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people are still following public health measures like staying 6 feet apart and avoiding crowds.

Smaller, in-person gatherings are still possible, if everyone agrees to maintain a safe distance, refrain from sharing objects and only gather with people from the same local area or community.

The world has changed and MEACO Konnect continues to offer vital solutions to restore trust and safety in our communities to help small businesses, faith communities, schools and organizations thrive again.

The SmartGatherings™ Bipolar Ionization technology also measures indoor air quality 24/7 and provides monitoring on-site and remotely.

“Especially as we enter into the winter season, it’s important we take measures to gather safely and Eagle X Pro (EXP) is proud to partner with MHSP to facilitate that for business and community centers. By taking measures to protect their patrons, we hope the example set by Party HQ is adopted by other businesses and leaders in Bowie and across the country.”

Kyle Grasser – CTO, EXP

This product application for bipolar ionization includes hospitals, educational facilities, hotels, offices, homes, nursing homes, stadiums, supermarkets, banks, public space, worship centers and other sites.

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View original press release: https://www.einpresswire.com/article/555068669/local-entertainment-center-in-bowie-md-partyhq-makes-indoor-gathering-safer-with-smartgatherings-solution

SOURCE Meaco Konnect