Training and Certification

MEACO Institute of Training (M.I.T.)

MEACO Institute of Training (M.I.T.) exists to provide training, education and to improve the employability for the unemployed and disadvantaged entering the workforce.

As new computing and data capabilities offer unprecedented insights into the labor market, M.I.T. takes a unique approach to leverage key relationships with agencies, organizations, and companies to create and deliver competitive educational and training opportunities to the underserved.

Making a Difference with MEACO Institute of Training

testFRWD is a Vienna based virtual health tech company enabling through it’s developed AI-driven identyME app certified at-home testing (Antigen / Antibody

/ PCR) by binding a self-done test result to your own verified digital identity.


  • [1]Scalable digital fingerprint verification (with YOTI)
  • [1]Automated recognition of Covid-19 test result with AI
  • [1]tFRWD health pass certificate (ICDS standard)
  • S[1]ecure result sharing with health APP´s and wallet
  • [1]Collect & safely store your results (wallet history)
  • [1]Dynamic data model for easy customization
  • I[1]CAO standard QR code for full compatibility
  • [1]Seamless integration into terminals & entry control systems
  • [1]Encrypted data & certified server
  • [1]Multi language versions & local adaptions tbd
  • [1]Content features: safe space city & travel guide